In 2012 my company, Ucloser, closed a seed round of funding. The round included 20 investors, mostly angels. Besides the cash, the round afforded us several other benefits that I think were important. I thought I would list a few below: Funding Connections – Getting the first few angels allowed us to get the next… Read More

Sometimes writing  a blog post can be a learning experience in its own. If you have something you are wondering about, writing a post can be a way to clarify and publish your research. It leads to a lot of new discoveries and helps sort out ideas. Lately I’ve been thinking about what it would… Read More

Earlier this month I wrote a post about 5 things to think about before starting a company.  Soon after, I began to consider the other side of company development; raising money.  I thought it only appropriate to provide some thoughts on this piece of the puzzle as well. 1.) Product – What stage is your… Read More

You’re probably looking at that title thinking about DC Comics or something. What is angel investing? How is it different from say, venture capital investing? Here’s a quick ’30k feet’ explanation: Smaller investment amounts More active deal participation Direct company involvement Not having to answer to LP’s So as you can guess, for those individuals… Read More

While most firms are struggling to survive, one if the oldest venture firms in the world is continuing to innovate and move forward. Maybe the firm has taken notes from some of its best startup’s, like Facebook (2nd round investor), and continued to change and adapt rather than sticking with the exact same philosophies. Greylock… Read More

I wanted to discuss some of the highlights of the debate between entrepreneurs and investors: How much control should a VC firm receive when they invest in an entrepreneur or idea? The debate is an interesting one.  As with anything, there are pros and cons to the amount of control an investor should receive by… Read More

Malaysian businessman, Vincent Tan, is purchasing the West Coast created social-networking site.  It’s global popularity (particularly in the US) has decreased over the last few years, but it is still very popular in Asia. Facebook and MySpace have overtaken the original social networking site by creating a better development platform (Facebook), or a better marketing… Read More