I was asked recently, “what does someone who works in early stage technology do?”  After thinking about it for a moment, I said I thought it sits somewhere between an artist and a scientist. If you look at different aspects of building a technology company you can see a clear division in activities that take on more of… Read More

I’ve been thinking about some different ways you can look at the internet to create business opportunities.  This is a  way to look at products and how they can solve problems on the web.  There are many great business models in technology, but these are a few that I’ve seen some good success with. Unstructured… Read More

I recently answered this question on Quora, a new Q&A site that I am becoming hopelessly addicted to. I thought it made for a good story, so I wanted to share elsewhere. Feel free to take a look at the original answer here: http://www.quora.com/What-was-Reid-Hoffman-doing-prior-to-PayPal . It will also give you a quick insight into Quora… Read More

I had the original idea to write this post about 6 months ago when I first got my phone.  However, I decided to wait to write this so I could check out some apps first. After checking out around 150 apps I chose a handful that I really like. I decided not to include popular… Read More

I recently found myself trying a new question and answer site called Quora. I had heard of it several times on blogs as a up and coming tech startup on the West Coast, and finally decided to check it out. As I proceeded to spend an hour or two reading some of the content/discussions on… Read More

“the emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is currently the single most important trend in the software industry and that this tectonic shift in the global software ecosystem is just beginning.” In 2008, just two years ago, Bessemer Venture Partners wrote this in a widely circulated article called, “The 10 laws of SaaS and Cloud Computing”. A… Read More

I just recently found myself thinking about Facebook’s growth on the web. It came to me just a few days ago when I noticed their brilliant integration of the “like” widget into other sites across the web.  Facebook is simply but surely planting trojan horses all over the net, integrating their platform to connect information,… Read More

Isn’t it crazy to think that not too long ago cell phones didn’t exist? Remember how big they used to be? And all the text messaging that started about 4 years ago? According to Nielsen, 203 million out of the 263 million U. S. wireless subscribers pay for text messaging. They estimate that 57% of… Read More

The recession has led to a number of new, smaller websites to grow that are providing similar — in many cases a better — service than the giant who invented online sales. Some of these sites have coined the term re-commerce, re-selling items that would normally just sit around. Several new sites, like Gazelle and… Read More

Augmented reality is the next big thing in mobile. The idea of using a mobile phone camera to view objects in reality while the application places relevant information that would coincide with whatever object was focused on by the camera. Quickly find restaurant reviews or retail store coupons without surfing for them, just simply point… Read More