I was asked recently, “what does someone who works in early stage technology do?”  After thinking about it for a moment, I said I thought it sits somewhere between an artist and a scientist. If you look at different aspects of building a technology company you can see a clear division in activities that take on more of… Read More

I recently went and did a much needed update on my site and blog. It had been a couple years, as I’ve been pretty busy working for Backupify, an enterprise security company that was acquired by Datto, a New York based security company in late 2014. I thought it was time to make some changes… Read More

  This year I want to try and focus on doing only a few things, but doing them really well. Here are the three things I’d like to focus on: Writing – I’ve committed to trying to blog each evening during the week. I know I wont be perfect, with some missed days and bad… Read More

When a product is created, the challenge is to find a niche and market that product.  Navigating that process is really tough, and it typically does not follow a straight line.  The single most difficult thing young companies seem to have a challenge with is finding their identity. Companies are always trying to perfect the… Read More

If you read about tech companies in media and blogs, you cant help but notice all the multi-million dollar funding rounds that are celebrated on a daily basis. I know as a founder that hasnt had a million dollar round, its hard to look at your work so far and say, why not me? Why… Read More

I spoke on a panel earlier this month about the startup community and the jobs that were being created. I really enjoyed the event and hope to be part of many more discussions on Louisville and it’s business community. After reflecting, I thought I would share some more thoughts on the subject. Hopefully my perspective is useful for those involved… Read More

As we enter the new year, I thought it would be fun to revisit my post last January to see how accurate some of my predictions about 2011 were. Right to it: 1. Anything Mobile – “Everything is moving towards the mobile personal computing device” I think this one was valid. With 6.8 million mobile… Read More

I have been really busy the last few months raising  a convertible debt round for my company. It has been exhausting, and I’m looking forward to closing the $300K round soon. In this process my blog has been neglected. I decided I could at least be posting some of my answers on Quora.  Interestingly enough,… Read More

I recently returned from a trip to Atlanta. On my way out of town, I stopped and had lunch with a guy named Matt Cobb. I had been introduced to Matt through Steve Huey, a friend and mentor here in Louisville. As we met and conversed over lunch, we talked about our current  and past… Read More

I took some time this weekend to think about some themes I think will be big in 2011. I’ve expanded on several trends below. 1. Anything Mobile My bet is if you don’t already have a smartphone, you will in the next two years.  Since Apple launched their iPod, iPhone and iPad mobile devices starting… Read More